Here is the best idea for life: choose to be extraordinary. No matter what else you do in your second or third act, you can let go of all the old rules you used to live by, and reinvent new rules for yourself. It’s your last chance to say exactly what you want to say, be more visible in the world, and dress the way you’ve always imagined.

I believe that when we take the time to dress extraordinarily, this is the practice of good style. Good style expresses confidence. You know it when you see it. What does it take to have good style? You can begin by weeding out all the boring, humdrum clothes you wear every day. Then educate yourself about your body — not your twenty-six-year-old body — the body you have today. What are your most beautiful assets and where would you like camouflage a little (I call it The Art of Distraction)? Next, start adding extraordinary clothing in fantastic colors that light up your face. Make bold statements by mixing colors in interesting ways. Wear clothes that flatter your shape and feel good against your skin. Add layers upon layers of gorgeous statement accessories even when you’re just running errands. Good style is all about having the right pieces and the confidence to put them together in interesting new ways.

I always thought good style was something you were born with — you either had it or you didn’t. But I was wrong. As I began to learn about color, design lines, fabric textures, and proportion ten year ago, I suddenly realized that assembling an attractive outfit was exactly what an artist does when painting on canvas or sculpting marble. After all, wearing a sultry fitted sheath dress that falls to the knee with black patent leather slingback pumps and a black natural straw hat with red silk flowers and a horsehair edge brim is artistic as hell.

Indeed, extraordinary good style is worth attaining. Doesn’t it make sense, since you have to get dressed every day, to dress with good style so you can be the extraordinary woman on the outside that you are on the inside?

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