Your Gold colors are like Springtime. They are crisp, clear, and warm. The colors appear lightweight, they have a brightness, especially the bright yellow-greens and golden yellows. The foundation of any personal color palette is based on the natural colors found in your skin, hair, and eyes. Your coloring is warm and delicate, so the colors you wear should be just as delicate and warm.


this is a partial list of the colors that will make you look fabulous! for a complete list of your colors purchase a Gold color card on the home page of my blog. your color card is a small fan-deck that comes with a beautiful fabric pouch to protect it.

some of the colors include violet, blue-violet, light blue, periwinkle blue, light gray, clear beige, bright golden yellow, peachy pinks, light orange

YOUR “BLACK”: black is too harsh for your delicate features, so instead of wearing a lot of black, try the following colors instead: expresso brown, navy blue







your style silohuette should be inspired by your body shape, creating balance in your body proportions. your GOLD personal blueprint calls for circles anywhere, especially in the neckline. you also will look put-together in a jacket or blouse with a pop-up collar and pushed-up sleeves. your skirts can be gathered, flared, or narrow, depending on your body shape. You can wear fun color combinations, add a few sparkles for effect, which is in harmony with your animated, fun personality!



shiny gold jewelry shows off your warm coloring. heart-shaped and round necklaces harmonize with your round or heart-shaped face. dangly charm bracelets show off your fun personality. you look dreamy beautiful in pearls.




you should avoid long, flowy scarves, instead wear a short scarf tied around your neck, or wrap it around your hair like a headband. your purses should have rounded corners, billowy shapes, light animated features and colors, gold hardware. belts should be worn around your waist, gold hardware, no tie belts. your shoes have rounded or pointed toe, bows and bobbles, gold hardware. your buttons are gold colored, animated shapes are fun. eyeglasses gold colored, cat-eye shape, circles or star shapes for fun!