Style Is A Reflection Of YOU…Let Linda Bring Out YOUR Unique Style!

Linda offers a variety of ways that you can work with her to attain your style goals

“I have made the following permanent changes due to the class: 1.) No longer buy clothes not in my color palette 2.) No longer buy clothes I don’t really, really love 3.) Have tried some “skinny” pants in dark colors which look surprisingly good and slimming. Thank you, Linda, for giving me this gift of “improving” style- it was time and money well spent!”
Joyce Loveless, Maryland
“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the time and effort you put into helping me choose the correct colors and styles. I now feel “put together” when I leave the house. Actually, I even feel more confident!”
Catherine Bianchini, California

I wish we had taken a BEFORE picture of my closet. You wouldn’t believe how great it looks after the “Linda Waldon” magic. Thank you SO much!  I SO appreciate your help and motivation!  You do amazing work. I love the outfits you put together for me.

Linda S., California

Clothes shopping was never a fun endeavor for me. While I like clothes and like looking good, I didn’t really know what I liked and why I’d come home with some clothes and never wear them. My self expression through my style after working with Linda is 10x better. She’s a game changer, especially if you are an entrepreneur and YOU are the brand.

Polly Mertens, California

Linda’s Style Your Way To Success program put the icing on the cake for me. I refer back to the videos to make sure I’m looking for flattering necklines and shapes for my body and face. Thank you, Linda. I feel so much more confident putting together a fresh new look as I get my business going. You are truly a godsend!

Janet Hilts, California

A few weeks ago I had an “ah ha” moment because of this group you created. I remembered that I had my colours done many years ago and had since deviated from my recommended colour palette. I am now refocusing my energy on looking for clothing in my season (winter), whether it be in my own closet or while shopping out of town this past weekend. This week I have been wearing more complimentary colours. I feel better, I think I look better and I have even been getting compliments!

Catherine Decarie-Verreault, Canada

The experience has been life changing, I have gone from wearing tracksuits each day to skirts and pants/jeans with a nice top. When going out I no longer just throw anything on, it is done with thought. This whole process has made me feel more confident about what I wear, and realise I was stuck in a style rut.

Sue M., Australia

The amount of information you receive along with Linda’s personal guidance for your particular style is priceless. This workshop has made me so aware of what is for me from it only the right clothes but the right hairstyles. It truly was one of the best things I did for myself. Worth every penny and way more!

Maria W., Pennsylvania