It’s about self-knowledge.

Clarity. Self-love.

It’s also about refinement. Getting down to the essence of who you are, how you dress, and how you want to feel.

You know you don’t need as many clothes as you used to. But you struggle with knowing WHICH clothes to keep and which to discard.

It’s about knowing what looks good and FEELS good on your body – especially if you don’t quite recognize your body anymore.

When it comes to dressing your body

in a style that looks great and feels amazing,
your closet may be the root cause of your pain…


Do you enjoy the treasure hunt experience of shopping? Want to do it with a group of women who are equally excited by shopping? Here’s your opportunity!

Join a small group of women and me for a day of shopping in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shopping as a group is much more affordable than my private rates. You’ll find support, fun, and sharing when you shop with like-minded women. I’ll be there to offer color & style suggestions, and you’ll get it from other women, too. We visit clothing boutiques and consignment stores, so there is something for everyone.

How It Works:

  1. I’ll give you homework ahead of the shopping day to gain clarity on your shopping list, and you’ll be taking photos of your favorite clothing in your closet so you can coordinate what you buy.
  2. On shopping day we’ll meet for coffee at 9am to focus our intentions, get to know fellow shoppers, and review the itinerary.
  3. We’ll shop from 10am – 4pm, taking a lunch break.


Clutter is such an epidemic problem for most of us! It’s so tempting to fill our hearts with more and more stuff, thinking this is the answer to our inner pain. The reality is that clutter is the root cause of your pain because it often promotes confusion and overwhelm.

I can help you remove the clutter from your closet, and open up your mind to freedom and new possibilities!

How It Works:

Step 1: Closet Audit – get rid of all the clutter in your life
Step 2: Organize – organize pieces so it’s easy to find and create outfits.


For some women, shopping is a chore. Shopping can be frustrating if you don’t find what you’re looking for, or worse, buy a whole bunch of things you never liked that much and never wear! I’m here to help you. I not only help you get crystal clear about the colors and styles that look best on you, I help you get laser focused with a shopping list so you buy only what you need. No more time and money down the drain. Oh, and I’m really fun, too!


If you’re a busy, active woman who is NOT CONFIDENT creating outfits that bring out the best in you, this service is going to change your life and make it a lot easier. You’ve already filled your closet with great pieces, you just aren’t sure how to put them together to look polished and feel authentic.

I will create outfits out of your clothes, show you why certain pieces look better on you and teach you how to make more strategic purchases in the future so you don’t waste money on clothes ever again. You’ll have photos of every outfit I create, so you never have to wonder what goes with that top! I maximize the investment you’ve already made in your closet, and teach you how to create fabulous outfits in the future.

How It Works:

Step 1: Closet Audit – get rid of all the pieces that don’t work for you anymore.

Step 2: Create outfits, take photos of the entire ensemble, organize your closet so you can find the pieces again later.

To connect with Linda, discuss pricing, and schedule your appointment, call 805-550-2923

“I loved your help with purging my closet and was amazed that all this time I have been picking the wrong the colors — who knew? I did wear one of the outfits you put together… and felt like a million bucks. Thank you again for making the process so easy and fun! It’s a great service that you provide.”

Julie W.

“I was feeling frustrated and stuck whenever I approached my closet, knowing it was time to upgrade my look but not sure how. The hour and a half we spent together changed all that!  Your fresh and highly trained eyes showed me how pieces I already had could be combined in new and brighter and ways. I appreciated how quickly you understood what the look was I wanted. And the list of a few key things and the right colors I need to round things out will be SO helpful — I can’t wait to hit the thrift stores with list in hand!”

Delia H.

“Being a CONFIDENT shopper and not wasting my money on apparel that doesn’t work for me. Also CAPITALIZING on my assets and FORGETTING ABOUT my flaws (this is a work in progress)!”

Catherine V.

“I now enjoy shopping thanks to Linda. Before I looked at it as a grit-my-teeth torture session. Now I feel more confident to pick colors and styles that work best on me.”

Joyce L.

“Clothes shopping was never a fun endeavor for me. While I like clothes and like looking good, I didn’t really know what I liked and why I’d come home with some clothes and never wear them. My self expression through my style after working with Linda is 10x better. I have a closet full of clothes I love, look great in and enjoy wearing everywhere.”

Polly M.

“My time with Linda changed my life. Yes, I know this sounds overly dramatic, but truly, being able to get dressed everyday, feel put together instead of overwhelmed by indecision really IS life changing!”

Lynne O.