Are you prepared for the cold weather?

If you live anywhere the weather changes significantly, it’s time to move your summer rags out and move your winter rags into center position.  If you’re like me, you use two ends of your closet. I have a wear-it-this-season end and put-it-away-until-next-season end. Everything that can be worn all year stays in the middle.

Winter is about layering, faux fur and accessories.


Brrrrrr….. by truecolorsbylinda featuring lace up boots

Here are some Style Tips to think about as you’re building your winter wardrobe:

Style Tips for Winter

Desire. Know what you love. Know your colors and styles. Tear out magazine pages, surf the web, collect images of what looks best on you so that you can go hunting for it.  If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you won’t buy mistakes, and you’ll make a beeline for it when you see it!

Quality. Choose quality (good advice in all areas of your life). It is better to buy one quality sweater that will last for years, than three cheap sweaters that get stretched out or worn out by spring.  Look for fabrics like wool, cashmere, and quality knits.  They’ll keep you a lot warmer and look nicer!

Patience. Perfection takes time. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t make you feel AMAZING. Seriously. Compromised style rarely feels good and looks worse!

Budget. Set a budget for what you’d be willing to pay for the PERFECT sweater, coat, or pair of boots.  And check out Clothing Resale Shops in your neighborhood for winter treasures – wool scarves, cardigans, or leather boots.

Color. Winter is a time to wear darker, more intense colors. You can still pop your outfits with metallics, icy gray, icy blue, as well as white. For those “Winter” color types, wearing deep jewel tones, such as royal blue and regal purple is a fabulous change of pace from black.

Awareness. Most importantly of all, KNOW YOURSELF. Authenticity is energizing and magnetic, turning you into an attraction machine!

Treat Yourself. Paint your nails a deep rich color.  Invest in a few pairs of cashmere socks.  Buy new winter pajamas that you will enjoy wearing while you curl up with a good book and a cup of hot tea.