Here’s my story: By the time I reached fifty, I had built a successful training executive career in the computer industry. However, after leaving the industry I soon felt lost and invisible.  Feeling confused about what new direction to take, I knew I wanted to reinvent myself and my career, but I had no idea what to do.  Then I discovered my colors and styles and the physical transformation changed how I felt about myself.  It made me feel powerful, beautiful, and put-together.  I was visible again (especially to my husband)!  As a result, I embarked on a new career that leverages my creativity, business savvy, desire to help people, and my love of teaching. I enjoy helping women over fifty reawaken their self-confidence through fashion and style power!  I am the woman I help transform into a confident, powerful individual who makes an impact with her life.

Upon reflection, I remember as a young woman I was attractive and sexy enough, and adept at getting attention. This Wonder Woman-like power enabled me to confidently walk into a room and own it. Somewhere between the ages of 45 and 50 I started feeling my super powers fading – I was becoming invisible – and it was shocking. I was no longer commanding attention when I walked into a room – there were younger, more attractive women to draw peoples’ eyes away from me. My solution was to keep my sense of humor, resign myself to invisibility, and chalk it up to growing older.

Some years later, I attended an art marketing class where one woman, quietly minding her own business in class drew everyone’s eye. Some combination of her outfit, her jewelry, her hairstyle, her aura made her “pop” so she was the focal point of the entire room. I was intrigued. She wasn’t much younger than me so it wasn’t an age thing. When I complimented her on her outfit, she told me about a program she had just attended where she learned about her colors and style, and she said it changed her life. She encouraged me to attend the same program. I did.

Learning to wear my best colors changed my life

I learned that I was wearing the wrong colors and styles for my “energy” which consists of my coloring, body type, and my personality. Instead of enhancing my energy and personality, I was watering it down with clothes that did not highlight my best assets. After learning this, did I immediately change the way I was dressing? Heck no! I fought it for almost a year; after all, I was comfortable in the outfits that filled my closet, but slowly I started buying new clothes that reflected my true colors. Then something amazing began to happen. Friends, family and complete strangers started complimenting me. The most surprising compliment came from a gentleman in Trader Joes grocery store. He approached me and said, “I’m not trying to pick you up, but I had to come over and tell you how fantastic you look.”

There IS something to dressing in the right colors and style. It gave me the courage to make major changes in my wardrobe and hair style, and that’s when life became really interesting!

I felt so much better about myself – I wasn’t invisible anymore. That’s when the light bulb came on for me. If I’m experiencing this dramatic transformation, maybe I can help other women do the same. And that’s how True Colors by Linda was born.

I noticed that once my wardrobe got organized with all the right colors and styles, the following things happened:

  • Getting dressed is stress-free and a joy
  • Everything is mix and match so I have more outfits
  • Shopping is easier and faster because I know exactly what to buy
  • I save time and money because I don’t buy mistakes

The Goal of True Colors by Linda

True Colors by Linda is based upon the fact that you can walk into a room and OWN it when you dress in the right colors and style and reflect who you are inside and out. Anyone can “own a room” at ANY age. Why? Because when you dress in a way that enhances your body and your personality, people will notice you and they’ll want to get to know you. They won’t even know why, they are just drawn to you. You are unique and have many gifts to offer and you, too, can easily learn how to “own the room”.

Many of us walk around invisible because we’re dressing in a way that confuses people. I used to be invisible, but didn’t realize it could be any other way. How about you? Think of your energy like a radio signal – when you dress in a way that is in harmony with your energy, your radio signal is clear and strong. When you dress in the wrong colors and style, the radio signal becomes weak and full of static. If you’re like me, you can tell when people aren’t really noticing you. Their gaze travels quickly past you and settles on someone else.

On the other hand, have you ever experienced this? You put on an outfit that makes you smile, and you feel especially confident. Throughout the day you get compliments. Maybe you’re not exactly sure what it is about the outfit that works, but you know that whenever you wear it, you have a great day! Wouldn’t life be grand if every outfit you wore made you feel great and the positive energy you radiate was reflected back at you by everyone around you?

How you can save money and own beautiful clothes

My favorite discovery in the last few years has been consignment clothing stores and thrift stores. I never shopped for used clothing before. I used to donate my gently worn clothes to charities, but it never occurred to me to shop there. Well, that has changed. I discovered a world of hidden gems. Imagine how many women buy clothes they never wear. One woman’s mistake is another woman’s treasure. It’s environmentally friendly, too. All those compliments I’m getting these days? Recycled clothing!

How do you find your local consignment and thrift stores? Ask friends or google consignment and thrift stores in your area. Here’s a bonus: consignment and thrift stores are not based on fashion designers’ seasonal whims of colors and styles. You can find YOUR colors and styles almost any time of the year.

You, too, can look like a million bucks!

I understand you

I understand the woman who is older and can’t afford to retire, yet she doesn’t want to work for a company anymore (and they may not want her either). She doesn’t know what she’s passionate about because she’s stuffed those dreams so far down that she can’t remember. She needs help re-discovering her passion and beauty.  I understand her pain, her self-doubt, and I have a solution.

I help women of all ages and sizes discover their passion and express who they are with their appearance. Here’s an exercise I have my clients do. I tell them “Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a work of art — visualize the lines of your body, the shadows, textures and colors that define your form. See the beauty of your body as an artist would, without any judgment. Now picture your body draped with beautiful fabric accentuating your curves.” After this exercise I teach my clients how to choose clothes that complement their coloring, body shape, and personality to create a beautiful artistic image. It’s amazing how transformational this is!