Linda’s Private 1:1 Virtual Programs

For women who want Linda’s full and undivided attention.
Work with Linda 1:1, Personalized, Simply Fabulous.

Linda can work with you virtually thanks to computer technology! Or, if you live in the Santa Fe area, or will be visiting soon, she’ll meet with you in person. When Linda was asked which medium she prefers (in-person or virtual), she refused to choose! She said, “I like both! I can feel and see my clients through a computer screen as well as standing with them in their closet. I have so many happy clients who live thousands of miles away. Distance is not a problem.”

As more women over 50 are using Zoom to work or visit with family and friends, we are able to put it to use for personal style makeovers. And it works!



Bring Linda into your closet for a virtual closet cleanout & organization

PLUS.. Linda can sell your discarded clothing and accessories for you!

Think about how wonderful it would be to have an effortless, easy closet that has all the right clothes for your lifestyle today. Everything fits. Everything flatters your body. Everything coordinates. Everything excites you!

When you work with Linda, she makes it easy to manifest your style vision into an organized wardrobe of your dreams. You’ll get rid of clothes that no longer work for you. And, you’ll end up with an organized closet with outfits for every occasion!


A closet with your colors. Your style. Your self-expression.

A closet that says “this is who I am now.”

Go shopping with Linda in your closet.

Linda will tell you what colors & styles look best.

Linda will put outfits together in your closet.

You’ll have an effortless, easy closet that has all the right clothes for your lifestyle.

If you wear glasses, Linda will recommend the most attractive eyewear for your face shape, too!

When we work together in this Virtual Closet/Shop Your Closet Experience, you will receive:

  1. After a brief phone call or email exchange with Linda to discuss your specific closet cleanout needs, Linda will send you questionnaire to identify your color and style preferences, your lifestyle needs, and your style goals.
  2. Two customized 60-minute, live Zoom sessions in your closet. You’ll be amazed at how intimate and productive these virtual sessions can be!
  3. Optional additional service: Upon completing your closet cleanout, you can box up your discarded items and ship them to Linda. She’ll take care of cataloging, pricing, photographing, and selling your gently worn and NWT items.

A Total Value Of $295, you can purchase and book your Concierge Closet Cleanout for just $195! Click here to check out details NOW!



Let’s take our work to a deeper level with more personalized style support

This virtual Color & Style Consultation is just as easy and personalized as Linda’s in-person consultations. Through a virtual medium, you’ll feel Linda’s arms wrapped around you in a warm hug that says you are relevant, stylish and you deserve to feel beautiful. Linda customizes her consultations to give you exactly what you need update your image and move stylishly into the next decade!


  1. First, Linda will start with a phone call to get to know you and understand your style concerns & style needs. Linda will send you a questionnaire and details on how the Virtual Color & Style Consultation will proceed.During
  2. During your 1st 60-minute private Zoom coaching session with Linda, where Linda will give you an abundance of information about your best color palette, how to choose clothing, accessories and makeup using your color palette card, clothing strategies to dress your body shape, including creating good proportions and balance with layering, best hem length for tops, pants, and jackets, what shoes to wear, etc.
  3. Your 2nd 60-minute Zoom session includes a determination of your signature style and how to put outfits together. Linda will talk about how to build a wardrobe of core staples in your neutrals and add pops of color and interesting pieces that express your signature style. You’ll receive guidance on accessorizing, hair style, flattering necklines, eyewear, etc.
  4. After your session, Linda will email you a Personalized Style Guide with detailed descriptions of your best colors, clothing for your body shape and signature style, and other style tips.

A Total Value Of $495, you can purchase and book your Style Mastery Service for just $295! Click here to check out details NOW!

“I wore the plum-colored dress [you picked for me] today with brown tights and my new fancy brown boots and leather jacket and two necklaces. And I felt amazing! This dress is perfect for work, I could move freely and sit comfortably. You’re awesome!”

Marie W.

“Linda knows her stuff and is kind and thoughtful in how she shares it. I needed a second set of eyes to help me evaluate my professional wardrobe and gently break out of a style rut to evolve to the next level. It was fun to work with her and the results feel natural, not forced or imposed. I really appreciate her eye and her heart.”

Amy K.

“Linda’s Style Your Way To Success video program put the icing on the cake for me. I refer back to the videos to make sure I’m looking for flattering necklines and shapes for my body and face.”

Janet H.

“My self expression through my style after working with Linda is 10x better. I have a closet full of clothes I love, look great in and enjoy wearing everywhere. I have matching jewelry for all of my outfits, I don’t have a thing in my closet I don’t love or wear and I get compliments constantly. All things I never had before I met Linda.”

Polly M.