Gentlemen, here’s a fashion-related question for you:

What is the MOST important thing when it comes to looking polished, professional, and of course, sexy?  It’s FIT, FIT, FIT.  What’s wrong with super-baggy pants and crumpled, over-sized shirts?  Speaking on behalf of the entire female population, we would like to see the outline of your strong, muscular legs, not folds of fabric.  We also like seeing the outline of your broad shoulders and tight torso. You look “put-together” when you wear your clothes; not the other way around.

Just sayin…

I’ve discovered a menswear company, Bonobos, that caters to helping men look more polished and professional, and they help you select the right color, style, and fit. Believe it or not, Spring is coming soon! Bonobos is launching an exciting, vibrant new line of men’s shirts for spring.

The key to looking polished is to wear colors that complement your skin tone, eye and hair color; also, fit is extremely important; and, knowing how to create your signature style by layering with color, pattern, and texture. Here are some fashion tips for men:


Create Different Looks, From Professional to Casual

For a more professional look (first photo below), choose dark colors, wool fabric, and coordinate a solid or conservative patterned tie.  A more casual look (second photo below) is sporty, with lighter colors, cotton or linen fabric, a looser fit, and you can have fun pairing a patterned shirt with a fun, patterned tie; or no tie at all!

Use Layering and Mix-and-Matching Patterns to Create Interesting New Looks

Casual layering creates interest and a look of confidence.  Here are two examples of relaxed styling with a casual shirt and washed, stone-colored chino jacket (first photo below); and pairing a Spring Collection Tattersall shirt (second photo below) with a Fushia striped tie, creating a “put-together” look.

Create the Perfect Fit for a More Polished, Sexy Look

When it comes to fit, Bonobos has spent months fitting hundreds of shirts on dozens of guys to create the perfect set of options:  Standard, Slim, and Tailored Slim.  Here are some tips from Bonobos to help you select the best fit for you:

Standard Fit:  For guys of average build who like a shirt that’s flattering, but not too snug.  It’s a little trimmer than most off-the-rack shirts because we got rid of that unnecessary fabric around the middle.

Slim Fit:  For men with a more slender build, or who simply prefer a snugger fit.  The waist has a distinct taper, and the sleeves are a little narrower as well.

Tailored Slim:  The most form-fitting option Bonobos offers. It’s the closest to a custom tailored shirt as you can get!  The rear darts really bring in the sides for a crisp, definitive taper.

Check out the New Spring Dress Shirts at Bonobos, and start looking more polished and sexy!