I didn’t think we could top the first issue but I have collected all the stats on this group and you’re breaking all kinds of records! You ladies are amazing and it’s such a labor of love for me to create an environment of sharing, encouraging, and teaching one another how to be thriving, beautiful, and powerful women over fifty.

Here are some FUN FACTS about Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty:

Total # members: 12,700

Total # active members: 8,500

# Posts from March 15 – April 11: 1,188

# Comments from March 15 – April 11: 41,200

# Reactions from March 15 – April 11: 112,900

What do you think about these statistics? Are you surprised? Thrilled? Excited? Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section Below…

Here are the member posts that got our attention this month. I wonder if you see a theme this month? Transformation? Perseverance, strength, inspiration?

Lorraine Norman – 801 Likes

“Try on session. Never worn this dress . We have been invited out by some friends (we rarely go out due to looking after Mum and kids lol) Hubby loves the dress I am just so used to being in my black jeans and black tops ..You ladies are inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone ..😊 ..”

Sherry Mantooth – 954 Likes

“Having a rough day today mentally. I was walking 2-3 miles a day from last may thru November and my legs slimmed up and looked so much better. It’s been so cold this winter and I haven’t walked and just feel like a failure today. “

Georgette Bridger – 732 Likes

“Hi everyone this is my first time posting to this group. I recently turned 59, I live in Coastal Virginia, and a little over 2 years ago I started my weight loss journey for health reasons! It took me a full year to lose 90 lbs and I have kept it off for 14 months now! “

Melissa Page Adkins – 443 Likes

“Wow! Look at the difference in curly versus smooth hair length? Which do you like best?”

Jill McDermitt Van Tuyl – 1,100 Likes

“I never thought I would ever have a chance to dress like this in my lifetime! (I am a Farmer’s wife of 39 years) The only thing I dress for is mud and step in 💩 everyday! But I lost 25 pounds last year and had a blast in Las Vegas!”

Debbie May Wilson – 693 Likes

“Today I turn 60!!!!! How did that happen???? It’s all good, having the time of my life!!! My connection with you gals makes it all the better!!!! Walmart jacket $12, Walmart tee shirt $6, necklace $1.”

What are some of your favorite posts from the past month? Who stands out in your mind, and why? Please post your comments and thoughts below in the Comments Section.