This morning while drinking my coffee I was watching Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show (hey, they’re in my demographic!) and I saw this segment.  Psychiatrist, Dr. Ish Major, and image consultant, Mary Gluseffi, discussed how the way you dress, speak and act can impact all areas of your life.

They discussed how to create your personal brand by getting in touch with your authentic self.  Their advice was to follow a personal brand equation:  how you look + how you speak + how you act = your personal brand.  Be consistent with your authentic brand and you will send out a clear signal.  The way I express it to my clients is this way:  when you dress in a way that expresses who you are inside you will send a clear signal that attracts.  I work with clients to first, discover who they are inside, and second, to identify a signature style that expresses who they are.  It creates such an impact that I’ve seen it change peoples’ lives!  They suddenly have the confidence to change careers, start new businesses, or get out of a negative relationship.  Powerful stuff.

The image consultant on the Today Show had this advice, “Dress for who you are, plus 10%.”  Clever!  She also advised people to stop texting and start talking.  You can only really connect with people when you get your face out of your iPhone.  Her last piece of advice was, “Be the party, and the crowd will come to you.”  If you’re comfortable with who you are, people will be attracted to you.

Take a peak at this quick segment — it’s worth watching. Click on the link below.

Today Show “How to create your own personal brand”