I’m over sixty and I can still make heads turn with an entrance……and if you asked me HOW, I’d say it’s primarily because of MY CONFIDENT STYLE.

Like you, I have my assets and my flaws. The difference is I know how to play up my assets and play down my flaws! I’ve learned that it’s more important how you FEEL in clothes than how you LOOK. What you REALLY need to walk into a room and get attention is A CONFIDENT WARDROBE. Clothing can influence the way you feel, think and act! When you express yourself with clothing, your look will be UNFORGETTABLE and COMPLETELY AUTHENTICALLY YOU.

It’s not about face lifts, cosmetics, wearing the latest trends, or the most expensive jewelry. It’s about finding YOUR CONFIDENT STYLE. This is what I teach my clients, and it works!

I believe women over fifty are redefining what style and career success means. We are rocking our second act with purpose and passion! 

Here’s what it really takes to become UNFORGETTABLE in your appearance… and how you can make a huge difference with your gifts.


First: Wear only clothes that make you feel beautiful

Being unforgettable starts when you walk out the door feeling beautiful and confident in the way you look. You may have awesome high-quality skills and services that change lives. If that was all we needed to be successful we’d all be there! What you REALLY need to make an impact and attract clients to your business is to FEEL beautiful and powerful on the INSIDE and project that confidence on the OUTSIDE with your appearance.

Every day, when you open your closet, you should have a wardrobe of unique, personally pleasing pieces that fit your body perfectly and create a vibrant glow.

You can create the most beautiful wardrobe by doing these two things NOW:

  1. Clean out your closet and remove anything that doesn’t make you feel beautiful. There’s this concept that many women are catching on to, and it’s called Minimalism. I mean how many pairs of black pants do you really need or wear? Be honest, you go for the same black pants every time, don’t you? Why is that? Because they fit the best and make you feel the most like YOU!
  2. Wear only colors that make your face light up. This will make a HUGE difference in how you attract people. Color is the first thing people notice on you, so why not wear a beautiful color around your face? If you insist on wearing neutrals, throw a colorful scarf around your neck and watch the compliments flow.

Second: Help them remember you through your personal style

Wear clothes that express your personality. When you have a definite style that sets you apart from everyone else, you will help people remember you.

What’s wrong with making people feel envious of your impeccable style, or chic flair? You will become a role model as you express your joie de vivre and inspirational vitality through your appearance. My look is structured chic, with a touch of bohemian attitude — my hair is curly and wild, and my accessories are bold and colorful. That’s a big reason why I stand out.

Listen, anyone can wear a pair of jeans with a t-shirt. The outfit is super-comfy and COMPLETELY FORGETTABLE. Especially as we get older, it’s important to use creativity and beautiful details in your outfit even when you’re just running an errand. People are more likely to remember you when you’re wearing an extraordinary necklace with your t-shirt, or walking in kick-ass, red pumps.

The most important element of being unforgettable is to awaken the emotions of the people you meet with a captivating appearance. Most people don’t put any thought into their t-shirts and jeans every day, so wearing clothes with class and flair will give you a distinct advantage! Your visual appearance can help you express who you are in a powerful and unforgettable way.

Want to learn how to dress unforgettably? Stay tuned for an announcement about how you can attend my Style Your Way to Success Online Workshop coming soon.

I invite you to share your thoughts below about how you plan to dress unforgettably!