This week’s topic is about CONFIDENCE. Why is confidence important?

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Confidence is one of your most important assets (and sometimes the most fleeting). It is more important than what you know or even how much experience you have. You’ve heard the term, “Fake it til you make it?” This phrase is a mindset of positive belief that promotes confidence. The “fake it” part is the awareness that you may not know everything about a particular job or task before taking it on. For example, you may have to walk into a room at a networking event and make a good first impression with strangers. The “make it” part is a mindset of success. So, even if you have fear or internal self-doubts, you have the belief that you can face anything and be successful.

ConfidenceEvery job I ever got was a “fake it til you make it” moment during the interview. I had to show my prospective boss that I believed in my ability to do the job. I mean, who knows everything about a job before you accept it? If I had shown any self-doubts about my ability to do the job it would have been a confidence killer and probably an interview killer.

For many women, confidence has everything to do with how you feel about your appearance. You may be ready to do more meaningful work in your career, but you have self-doubt because you know you’ll need to get out and sell yourself. You’ll need to make a good first impression so you have to get your image right! The negative self-talk chips away at your confidence, causing you to not believe in yourself, avoid taking risks, and look to others’ opinions instead of trusting your gut. This lack of confidence may stop you from taking the necessary steps to start a more meaningful career or leave an unhealthy relationship.

Confidence gives you the strength to trust your gut
and follow your passion!
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