Wanting to be attractive is a natural instinct. Women have been moisturizing, plucking, adorning, coloring and fluffing to look beautiful for all sorts of reasons.  And it seems the more beautiful we make ourselves on the outside the more confident we feel on the inside. We may not all be raving beauties, but every woman has the potential to look beautiful on the outside and feel beautiful on the inside.  All it takes is a little self-care, knowing what looks best on you, and the effort to put it all together.  When you walk into a room feeling confident and looking put-together, people notice and respond in a positive way.  Your put-together appearance tells the world you have confidence, credibility and self-worth.

Since ancient civilizations, natural beauty has been considered a sign of one’s balance with nature and the universe.  This makes sense.  A healthy body and beautiful inner spirit shows in your face!

Today, we are reinventing the meaning of beauty and attractiveness.  No longer is there an age limit to beauty — quite the contrary — as baby boomers glide gracefully into senior status looking even more vibrant and glowing with confidence.

No longer is there one standard to achieve beauty.  The good news is we are removing the shackles of what it means to be beautiful; the bad news is there are so many beauty trends to choose from (largely fueled by the cosmetics and fashion industry) it creates huge opportunities for fashion faux pas!  It’s difficult to know what looks best on you, let alone walk the tightrope of dressing appropriately for every occasion.

So, how do you achieve natural beauty, make good fashion choices, and juggle a busy life?

the answer lies in knowing yourself
Knowing yourself and expressing who you really are in the way you dress and accessorize, confidently communicating and nurturing relationships, and caring for the health of your body is a way to achieve natural beauty on the outside and inside.

Loving yourself and appreciating your natural assets (including your flaws!) creates a beautiful glow.  One way to stop being so self-critical about your body is to

picture your body as a work of art

Think of your body as a sculpture that an artist drapes with flowing fabric. An artist sees your body as lines, shapes, shadows, and would create a pleasing silhouette by nipping the fabric here and there to call attention to an area, and flowing the fabric away from an area he/she wishes to hide. The result is a beautiful image!

Being a busy woman is no excuse for ignoring your personal style and natural beauty. It’s actually a REASON to pay attention to your style and beauty so you can be the most remarkable YOU.