How would you like to walk into a room and get noticed? Would you like your opinions to be heard, or your boss to notice and reward all the good work you’re doing? When you follow simple guidelines and dress to bring out your true radiance, you will discover a power within that you didn’t even know existed, and your life will change for the better. We all know how good it feels to receive a compliment about something you’re wearing. Has it been a while since someone gave you a compliment?  Let’s examine all the things that could be preventing those compliments from streaming in:


How many times have you heard the fashion industry say that you need a little black dress? Do you wear black almost every day? Think black makes you look thinner? Well, it’s all a bunch of fashion industry myths. Black doesn’t make you look thinner – it’s the style and cut of a garment that will make you look thinner. And, for most of us, there’s a better color choice than black. In fact, most people don’t look their best in black! I will show you YOUR BLACK. Let’s hear your stories about wearing black!


Do you ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Here’s the reason – no matter how many pieces of clothing you have hanging in your closet, if the colors don’t mix and match, if they are inappropriate for your lifestyle, if they’re torn or stained, or if they’re too small or too big — then you have nothing to wear! How many times a week do you say “I have nothing to wear” ?


How many mistakes are hanging in your closet — with the tags still on? You knew it was a mistake when you bought it, but you bought it anyway for a variety of reasons – you were in a hurry and had to have something new to wear to an event, or you went shopping alone and the sales person talked you into it. Whatever the reason, you wasted your money because you did not have the knowledge of what colors and styles look best on you. So there it hangs… When you shop with color and style guidelines, you can walk away from anything that falls outside those guidelines. With color and style guidelines you will shop more efficiently, save money by avoiding buying mistakes that hang in your closet, and you’ll enjoy shopping more!


Ever walk into a clothing store and feel completely overwhelmed with all the choices — not sure what looks good on you? How many times have you turned around and walked out of a store without trying ANYTHING on? How would you like to walk into a clothing store, make a beeline for the right clothes, and get out without buying any mistakes or wasting time trying on clothes that just aren’t going to look good! Get in and get out.


Most of us feel we’re at the mercy of the fashion industry. We buy styles and colors that are the latest fad, or because it’s in our price range, or it’s the IN fashion this year, even if it doesn’t look particularly good on us. Instead of buying something that looks good on a manikin wouldn’t it make more sense to know what colors, styles, and accessories bring out your best features, your uniqueness? When you do, everyone will see YOU –not necessarily your clothes. As we get older, our bodies are changing, styles are changing, and I’ll bet many of you are still hanging onto your old clothes that expired years ago! Remember, your closet is NOT a museum!


Have you ever been in a public place and seen a woman that turns heads because she looks perfectly put together? Do you wish you could have that put-together look? When you look at a well-dressed woman, you see her radiance. She lights up. She stands out. That’s because every single thing she put on that morning, every color, every fabric, and accessory brought her RADIANCE out. How can YOU bring out your radiance and beauty? You will understand how to bring out your best features when you understand the secrets of your own PERSONAL BLUEPRINT.


Your personal blueprint consists of the way you look TODAY — your face shape, your skin tone, eye color and hair color, your body structure. It also includes the way you move, the way you speak — and even your personality. It’s the essence of you! These are the components found in every person, and they all work together to make you unique and wonderful! When you dress in a way that supports your personal blueprint, the real you will show up! Next week I’m going to show you some Personal Blueprints. Each of the blueprints represents a unique set of characteristics and is linked to a set of colors and styles that are right for the blueprint. When you know your Personal Blueprint, you will know what COLORS and STYLES look great on you!
See next blog for these Personal Blueprints, and see which one is YOU!