I’m making some big changes: One thing I’ve learned is that life is constantly changing, and if I resist the changes, it only makes me miserable. Oh, I try to resist! It just doesn’t work! I used to LOVE change — I would change jobs every two years, move frequently (I was renting of course), and I would also change boyfriends frequently. I welcomed change. It was invigorating, exciting, and energizing. Then, something happened…I got older. Change was harder because it involved packing, moving, lifting, unpacking, getting familiar with new streets and grocery store clerks.

But, change has caught up with me. It’s tugging on me with such a force that I can no longer resist. I must change or die. So, I’m going to go with the flow and allow change to happen. My husband and I are putting our beautiful home on the market and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have three very good friends living there, so it’s not too scary. It’s the third largest artist center in the U.S. (behind New York City and Los Angeles). He is ready to retire from his swimming pool contractor business, and be a full time artist. He wants to live in a more vibrant artist community, so Santa Fe here we come!

Side note: You may be asking, don’t you have a say in where you live, Linda? Yes, I do! Even though I love living close to the ocean in a peaceful, rural community of California, I am excited to live in the high desert. I studied Anthropology in college and focused on American Indian culture, so I am thrilled to be able to explore the southwest. I can continue to do what I do with you from anywhere in the world because it’s all virtual! And I know there are stylish women in Santa Fe and lovely stores I can take them to!

The other change that’s coming is with this Facebook Community. I’ve decided that in order to keep Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty going, I’m starting a paid membership program that offers many new benefits to members, including more personal style advice from me (i.e., a weekly live Q&A call), monthly educational seminars, clothing recommendations based on your color palette, style tips, specialty offers from our resource team, and so much more. I want to still serve you with all the things you love about our community, but I need a favor. In order for me to keep this community open to you, I’m looking for a small percentage of you to journey over with me to this paid membership group for $5/month (or $50 for one year, get 2 months free), or the price of two cups of coffee or one shoe from a consignment store each month. The free Facebook group you’re already in (Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty) will not go away. That will continue to grow and thrive under my direction.

The women who join the NEW tribe (The Style Club For Women Over Fifty) within the first 30 days will be in my Founders Circle and get membership at the forever rate of $5/month, which will never go up. The price of membership will go up for future members, but never for you!

I do a lot of things behind the scenes to create a safe, neutral platform for you to be able to play and experiment with style. You know I’m good at providing you with connection and education, too. All this, and more, awaits those of you who come over to my new community next month.

If you think about it, I’m modeling something we should all do more often — I’m telling the universe (and you!) what I want and need. This is something I want to model for those of you who are starting a new business, new relationship, contemplating a move, or moving from a career into retirement. Change is natural. Change is good. Change is something we can ask for and the more specific about the details of what we want, the more the universe comes through. I’m telling you (and the universe) what I need, and I can’t wait to see who’s going to support me on my journey!

Stay tuned for details and sign-up opportunities in next month’s newsletter issue!