Hurry Up and Wait. Remember being six years old and your mom and dad promised to take you on a summer vacation to [fill in the blank]? For me, that was a road trip to Canada one summer where we stayed at a motel and went swimming in the pool, chased a pet goose around, and ate ice cream every day.

Remember how LONG you waited for that vacation to actually HAPPEN? That’s literally how I’m feeling these days. I have had so much excitement and anticipation to launch my new Style Club For Women group, and have been working to create the style club of my dreams, where I can offer more personalized services, deeper education, delve into areas other than style to help us age gracefully, and most importantly, offer a deeper level of personal interaction.

I feel like the six-year-old little girl inside me! Because, it’s taking SO LONG….

Why, you may ask, is it taking so long to launch the new style club?

I was about two weeks away from launching the Style Club For Women Over Fifty membership site, when the testing revealed that there were conflicts between my website and the membership software that I installed. It’s way too technical to explain, and frankly, I don’t even fully understand it. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t good enough. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I know many of you are, too, and we deserve a robust, fully functioning environment in which to interact, learn, and play.

So, I’m scrapping the website and starting over. Well, it’s not really starting over because all the NEW style videos, shop by colors links, and resource team pages, such as Cynthia’s Curvy Corner, are still there. It’s just the website that will be new.

Bear with me! I’m like the little engine that could…I have a dream and lots of energy, and I’m gonna climb that steep mountain to reach my destination!! I CAN DO THIS!!!

The Style Club For Women Over Fifty will be here soon!

Does anyone have any similar situations to share, or wise sayings or sage advice to help me accept these delays with a more zen attitude?