I came across this short Abraham-Hicks video about weight loss, and it seems to me that it pertains to anything you want to attain, such as more confidence, better self-image, more money, improved relationships, or a better job.

The message in the video says the best way to get what you want (for instance, to lose weight) is to start doing things that make you feel better about yourself, and that will shift your vibration in a positive direction. Only then will things start to change. The formula, as Abraham describes it, is to “Use action to improve vibration.”

In other words, give up focusing on what you don’t have (for example, a perfect body) and focus, instead, on what you do have–beautiful skin, long legs, or a great hair style. Look in the mirror and acknowledge your best physical features, then highlight those assets with clothing and accessories. When you look “put-together” you’ll feel better about yourself, maybe get a compliment, or two, and this will shift your vibration in a positive direction. Who knows what will happen next…

Give a listen.