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Joyce Loveless

I have made the following permanent changes due to the class: 1.) No longer buy clothes not in my color palette 2.) No longer buy clothes I don’t really, really love 3.) Have tried some “skinny” pants in dark colors which look surprisingly good and slimming. Thank you, Linda, for giving me this gift of “improving” style- it was time and money well spent!

Catherine Bianchini

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the time and effort you put into helping me choose the correct colors and styles. I now feel “put together” when I leave the house. Actually, I even feel more confident!

Julia Cabreros

Working with Linda was such a fun and educational experience. As a mother of a busy 2 year old, I have little time for hair and makeup and even less time for shopping. I desparately needed a wardrobe overhaul. I’m no longer overwhelmed by my closet in the morning and no longer reach for the same jeans and sweatshirt when heading out the door.

Sondra Ahlen

I’ve shrunk down to ½ of my size and am now looking at building a new wardrobe over the next year now that I am at my goal weight. I have questions about color schemes, fashion choices, etc. I appreciate your help building a professional wardrobe for my new body shape.

Kathryn Rogers

Linda said that by wearing your true colors, you’re being true to yourself, and by dressing the part, you’re signaling who you really are the moment you walk into a room. I had my doubts. But when I tried on the combinations Linda magically assembled from my own closet, I became a believer. I was astonished at the feedback I got from people I know, not to mention perfect strangers. Even when I look in the mirror, I see myself emerge more than ever before. What can I say but I’m a believer in Linda Waldon!
The most powerful gift I received from you was awareness. All I had to do was take your advice with me on one shopping trip to realize how I’d been wasting my time, energy, and money. One big closet purge and a shift in understanding of what will always work for me and what will never work for me changed my whole perspective. And it’s true! Gaining confidence can be an outside job. Learning how to align your outer style with your inner being creates a steadiness to one’s personality that translates in the outer world as confidence. There is nothing more powerful than feeling comfortable in your own skin and the first time you feel that resonance, you’ve found your alignment set point. Helping women to find that set point is your forte.
Tina Cypert
I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, so I was hanging on to my “big” clothes just in case. Linda convinced me that I don’t ever have to go back — that moving forward, loving my transformed body shape is my new direction.
Rhonda Jackson
My time with Linda changed my life. Yes, I know this sounds overly dramatic, but truly, being able to get dressed everyday, feel put together instead of overwhelmed by indecision really IS life changing!

Linda was honest, direct, and so much fun, I was only sorry I didn’t have more than the 4 hours as I could have easily spent a whole wonderful day with her. I now carry my color cards with me everywhere and have saved serious mistake $$ already by not continuing to buy colors or styles that really aren’t the TRUE me or align with how I truly see myself and my place in the world. This was a birthday gift from my husband… And it was the best birthday gift ever. Thank you Linda…. I think of you every day!

Lynne O’Connor
Linda evaluated my skin tone, hair color, body shape and personality and developed a clothing color, style and accessory scheme. I must admit when Linda showed me all the colors and styles that suit me best, I was skeptical, but when I tried them on, I was sold on the improvement.

Every single time I wear an outfit (purchased on a limited budget) that Linda recommended for me, I get a compliment on how good I look, and I feel really good about the clothes I am wearing! She recently even went with me to help pick out a mother of the groom dress. It is spectacular! Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Peggy Papathankis
Working with Linda was such a fun and educational experience. As a mother of a busy 2 year old, I have little time for hair and makeup and even less time for shopping. I desperately needed a wardrobe overhaul. I also wanted to know once and for all how to dress for my body type and coloring. Linda got right down to business and made quick work of my closet. I was given “permission” to finally get rid of all those clothes we all hang on to but never wear. It was such a relief!

We then moved on to styles and colors that work for me. The shopping day was wonderful because Linda had already done her homework. In no time I had a solid basic start to my wardrobe for a very reasonable cost. I’m no longer overwhelmed by my closet in the morning and no longer reach for the same jeans and sweatshirt when heading out the door. This was a very worthwhile experience. I highly recommend Linda. She really does help you to “show up in your most beautiful self.”

Julia Cabreros
It is my pleasure to tell my True Colors story. I can’t thank you enough for reinvigorating my interest and my ability to dress with color, fun and fashion. Linda is truly gifted. Linda helped me change from a woman who would do just about anything but shop for clothes into a women who has interest and energy for clothes shopping. She was able to help me see things about myself that I could not see. It was a blast having her bring different items to me in the dressing room and try them on. Her feedback to each items that I tried on was honest, clear and accurate. Linda was there for me. I felt nurtured and supported.

I feel younger, more confident and beautiful. Linda has a gift to mirror the inner beauty of a person to their outer beauty. I recommend her creative service to anyone. Her enthusiasm and joy for life, people and beauty emanates in her incredible talent for color, fashion and design.

Susan Benaron
My color card has come in SO handy! I remembered I had it in my purse during my trip to Washington. I ended up in Nordstrom’s (with my sisters) and there was a big sale going on. We scored in the Ladies’ department and my color cards saved the day. Thank you so much Linda! The card book has already paid for itself ten-fold!
Nancy Elmore
I just love being able to take my colors with me. I keep them in my purse in the pouch and pull them out when shopping. I no longer have to worry about what color to buy. Every time I wear a color that is on my color card people comment on how good I look. So I’m thinking there must be something to this. Linda is a joy to work with; she is positive and always looks great.
Rosa Lee Sonney
You are totally awesome – I am learning so much and enjoying this [virtual style consultation] immensely. You’ve given me hope, lol! HOLY COW — so, so interesting!!! I’m gobsmacked – had no idea I was a rectangular shape until I did the questionnaire… all these years I thought I was curvy. Everything is so doggone interesting!!

I’m so glad I’ll have the summer to study this and plan out my fall/winter shopping, which is the majority of my wardrobe. I’m so glad I connected with you on Facebook! Woooot!”

Sandi McRae, Labrador, Canada