30 Days to Style Success in Your Second Act Virtual Workshop

  • 4 Steps to Align Your Body, Mind, and Image for Your Second Act
  • Transformative makeover that creates the powerful momentum you’ve been looking for
  • You’ll receive 4 step-by-step, educational videos and a style strategy session with Linda Waldon.
  • Personal style advice that will give you the momentum to ROCK your second act career!

Personal, Practical, Transformative!

It’s not a style makeover, it’s a transformation!

You’ve tried winging it, shopping by yourself, and now you have even more uninspiring clothes that don’t work for you.

  • Could your appearance be limiting your success?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your confident edge?
  • Would you like to go from the “Land of Frump-a-Dump” to Fabulous by having an updated appearance that makes you feel CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL?
  • How would it feel to have the right outfit for every event, even on a limited budget?

Let me show you how beautiful you really are!

Begin your journey to style success!

“I LOVE your work so much, Linda. I do not exaggerate when I say that the session you did for me (and also for my husband) is a point of reference for us EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was as if we were both born into OUR bodies in a whole new way just from the awareness you delivered (with your words and with your being) to us about the power of our appearance.”
Jesica Davis, Tacoma, WA
“I’ve worked with Linda for years and she’s fantastic. I value her advice because she has saved me hundreds of dollars by steering me to the right clothes instead of wasting money on the wrong pieces. I now have a closet that’s filled with coordinated, attractive and well-suited pieces that go well together and look great on me. Linda is great to shop with and can save you both time and money. She’s fun, she’s energetic, she knows exactly what works and it’s obvious she loves what she does – that’s probably why she’s so good at it! I’ve recommended her to all my friends and they’ve all said great things (and thank me for it)”
Polly Mertens, San Luis Obispo, CA

Personal, Practical, Transformative!

Here’s what’s waiting for you when you begin your
30 Days to Style Success for Your Second Act Journey:

Week #1:
Develop Your Brand Color Palette

Week #1:
Develop Your Brand Color Palette

You’ll discover the pitch-perfect colors that make you look and feel radiant

Strategies to mix-and-match colors to create put-together outfits

The truth about wearing black — is it for you or not?

How to build a wardrobe of your particular core neutrals with pops of color

How to use color to express your personality, look younger and more energetic!

Week #2:
Align Your Body Shape with Clothes You Love

Session #2:
Align Your Body Shape with Clothes You Love

Gain a fresh perspective by seeing your body through an artist’s eyes

Learn what silhouette styles work for your body shape

How to create balance and proportion with your clothing

How to choose the most flattering shapes and clothing design lines for your body

“The Art of Distraction”—how to highlight your assets and camouflage your flaws

Week #3:
Execute Your Signature Style Image

Session #3:
Execute Your Signature Style Image

Understand the connection between your personality and the way you dress

How to express your personality with your signature style and feel more authentic

Create a style vision board that expresses the elements of your signature look

How to choose the right accessories and makeup to create a put-together look

How to look stylish without spending a fortune

Week #4:
Build Amazing Attention-Getting Outfits

Session #4:
Build Amazing Attention-Getting Outfits

How to build a wardrobe that reflects your signature style

How to create new outfits from your existing wardrobe

Create a core collection of Wardrobe Staples that produce coordinated outfits effortlessly

Learn the closet cleanout plan to keep your closet organized forever

Tips to shop like a pro!

But wait, there’s more!


In addition to 4 weeks of step-by-step style videos you also get these
fantastic bonuses to support your image transformation:

Bonus #1:

30-minute Personal Style Consultation
(Value $75)

Bonus #1:
30-minute Personal Style Consultation
(Value $75)

Live, personal style consultation with image expert, Linda Waldon, via Skype.

Get all your specific color, body shape, style questions answered.

Bonus #2:

Color Me Confident Questionnaire
(Value $75)

Bonus #2:
Color Me Confident Questionnaire
(Value $75)

You’ll complete an assessment to identify your ideal colors and garment shapes.

You’ll Discover which True Colors palette is your best match.

This questionnaire has been developed over six years of style consulting practice and teaching.

Bonus #3:

Online Personality Assessment
(Value $75)

Bonus #3:
Online Personality Assessment
(Value $75)

You’ll complete an online Personality Assessment that reveals your unique inner strengths.

You’ll receive an instant personality profile summary.

Bonus #4:

True Colors Palette Card
(Value $25)

Bonus #4:
True Colors Palette Card
(Value $25)

You’ll receive a beautifully designed color card with your precise colors to use when shopping and creating polished, mix-and-match outfits.

You’ll be able to use the color card to clean out your closet and remove all the colors that don’t work for you anymore.

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 hours of 4 HD step-by-step color and style videos that will boost your confidence and teach you about color, garment proportions, how to define your signature style and build a wardrobe you love. This is a value of $300.
  • 30-minute personal style consultation with fashion stylist, Linda Waldon, via Skype. This is a value of $75.
  • “Color Me Confident” questionnaire that determines your coloring, body shape and style preferences. Value of $75.
  • Personality assessment that identifies your inner strengths and communication style. Value of $75.
  • Color palette card with your precise colors to use when shopping and creating outfits. Value of $25.

A Total Value of $550!

You’ll never have to guess what
colors or styles to buy again!

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