Having The Right Outfit Is Everything

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Shop Your Closet For Social Events With Linda!

How you’ll feel AFTER you attend this program…

  • More confident, because you will eliminate the guesswork about what to wear. Even the most successful people have crises of confidence when it comes to dressing for social and business events
  • More organized with just the right outfits for your lifestyle
  • More empowered, because you’re free to express yourself through your clothing AND dress confidently for every situation
  • More apt to say YES when invited to a social or business networking event, because you’ll have all your outfits well organized ahead of time!

If you could afford to hire a fashion stylist to come to your house and help you get dressed before every social event, how great would that be? What would it do to your confidence level to have several outfits pre-planned for various events that are ready to go? Would you having more confidence mean to you?

Let’s makes use of this time to identify the assets in your closet, as well as any weaknesses in your wardrobe, so you can hit the ground running when social events open up again.

If you want to have a more confident presence at every social occasion you go to, from casual get-togethers to important business events…
Join Linda in a group 2-hour Zoom call where you’ll share the outfits you chose ahead of time and receive expert style feedback.

Here’s what you get:

  • Guidance to put together outfits for your social life.

    First, you’ll receive a Welcome Letter with instructions and style guidance on how to shop your closet and put together outfits for three different social events: a casual party with friends, a 50th birthday party, and a business dinner.

    You’ll do this ahead of time, just like Linda advises her clients to do in real life! When you pre-plan outfits, you can get dressed for any occasion with ease and joy.

  • 2-hour group Zoom call with Linda and a group.

    Then, you’ll meet with Linda and a group of women on Zoom where you’ll share your outfits and receive style advice on how to elevate your outfits.

    Linda will provide style guidance to clarify your color & style choices, offer suggestions, and answer all your questions.

Enroll and get this party started!

  • Eliminate the guesswork about what to wear which gives you MORE CONFIDENCE

  • Have a MORE ORGANIZED closet that contains just the right outfits for your social life

  • FEEL MORE EMPOWERED because you’re free to express yourself

  • SAY YES to more social engagements because you’ll be more confident about the way you dress!

  • Put the FINISHING TOUCHES on your appearance so you can enjoy a thriving social life

Here’s what women say about this Shop Your Closet With Linda Program:

“I really enjoyed the process. I also found that I still had a few holes in my wardrobe that need plugging. That was a helpful discovery.” — Lisa L.

“It was fun. It was very interactive. I learned things directed specifically to me. I learned more global ideas too. It helped me feel more confident in what to wear.  It inspired me to want to make a good impression rather than just blending in. It was fun seeing what others came up with.” — Ellen C.

Shop Your Closet With Linda – Enroll Now To Have More Confidence and Presence In Your Social LIfe!