Second Act Branding VIP Weekend


Do you need a professional business brand that attracts the right clients?

Are you ready to polish & project your personal brand in photos?

 Your image is your business brand

ATTRACT your ideal clients with spectacular photos to elevate your beauty and express your brand!

COLLABORATE with seasoned Style Branding Coach, Linda Waldon, and Professional Photographer, Gina Cinardo, in an immersive brand-building, style makeover experience.

Join me in showing the world your confident style as you ROCK YOUR SECOND ACT with purpose and passion. Begin your transformation by joining me for a VIP Weekend.

Help is here…

Bring Your Style Brand to Life

This is an EXTRA SPECIAL GIFT to yourself and your business! What if you had someone holding your hand, setting the stage for your photo shoot, elevating your appearance and comfort level? Master the art of visibility!

Detailed Photo Shoot Script

We’ll meet ahead of time and discuss your business and brand vision. Together we will create images that shine your inner light on the outside, as a beacon for business and your brand. If your ideal clients can’t see you, how are they going to hire you? Right, they won’t! Then, I’ll create a detailed photo shoot script that depicts your talent, beauty, and expertise in pictures. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS! Like a movie script, every detail of your photo shoot experience will be described.

Photo Shoot Location

Get away from the hustle and bustle and deadlines of your life. Come to the beautiful and exotic Santa Fe, New Mexico, where you’ll renew, refresh and transform your image. The high desert air is fresh and brings your spirit to life! You can reconnect with who you are and what is possible. You’ll stay in a beautiful location where you can relax and be pampered.

Personal Style Session

We will put together complete ensemble outfits for each photo, bringing out your best assets using the right colors and styles so you feel confident and beautiful. We’ll shop at the finest boutiques in San Luis Obispo. You’ll get a hair and makeup consultation as well. You’ll be attracting exactly the right customers to your business!

Photo Shoot Session

Working with a professional team, including myself as your on-set photo shoot coach and creative director, you will have nothing to think about other than standing in your power, being pampered, and having the time of your life. Our team of hair, makeup, and clothing experts will style you. We’ll have an afternoon photo shoot with a professional photographer in beautiful locations.

Branding Package

You’ll receive a personalized digital photo album of ideal brand image pictures that you can use on for all your social media and marketing programs.

VIP Weekend

We’ll handle all the details of your weekend accommodations at a charming Santa Fe retreat, pick you up and bring you to the photo shoot, and take you shopping. All you have to do is say YES and show up!

You’ll receive the most rewarding results as well as tremendous personal attention for $3500. This all-inclusive Second Act Branding service will stimulate, accelerate, and punctuate your rise to success!

If you’re ready to get started with your Second Act Branding VIP Weekend, fill out the Contact Form and I will contact you to talk about next steps.