Confidence Changes Everything

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How To Look Your Best On Zoom, Skype, and FaceBook Video!

Are you feeling…

  • Unhappy with how you look on virtual calls
  • Like you look older and more tired than you are
  • Confused about how to get the right camera and lighting setup
  • Tired of looking and feeling frumpy and wanting to update your look
  • Unsure about what you to wear on Zoom calls that would give you more impact

If so, then I’m here to tell you that I can help you look and feel good about yourself in a virtual world. I have helped hundreds of women over 50 learn how to wear the right colors that bring out their radiant glow and commanding presence even on virtual calls!

If you want to kickstart a more confident presence virtually…

I’m asking you to trust that I can teach you how to present yourself on virtual calls in a way that makes you feel just as powerful and confident (or even MORE) as you did in person.

Would you be willing to invest a little time and a little money to feel confident jumping on to a Zoom call every day? You’ll learn…

  • The most important things women over 50 need to know
  • How to properly set up your computer, camera and lighting
  • The colors to wear, and patterns to avoid, so you POP on video calls
  • Makeup and hair style tips to look your best on camera
  • How to set up a consistent, attractive virtual background
  • How to stand out and be confident in a new Zoom world!

What is feeling confident on virtual meetings worth to you right now?  I mean really! What’s that worth?!

  • If you’re retired and don’t have business calls, but you meet with your family and friends on Zoom, I can help you with your casual look so you always look and feel your best. Check!
  • If the way you’re showing up on camera is bringing you down, I can get you pointed in a new, more confident direction with the clothes you already have in your closet. Check!
  • If you’d like to feel more attractive and powerful online, I can teach you how to put together pieces that look great on camera. Check!
  • If you’re in a style rut, I can help you get out of it and get moving to where you deserve to be. Check!

Here’s what you get:

  • Watch “How To Look and Feel Good On Virtual Calls”

    First, you’ll watch a video in which I address the specific things a woman over 50 can easily do to look and feel her best on video calls. I demystify the components you’ll need to set up, and give you options to use what you have or purchase affordable items with great results. I will offer general style tips to improve your personal appearance on virtual calls, and will get into more specific advice during our 1:1 Zoom call.

    After watching the video you’ll be ready to set up your equipment and apply all the information you just learned in the video! Easy as that!

    Then, I’ll meet with you and a group of women on Zoom and together we’ll tweak your virtual presence online!

  • 60 minutes group Zoom call with Linda.

    We’ll meet virtually as a group where Linda will help you sort through your equipment & lighting setup, clarify your color & style options, receive style advice on how to create Zoom-ready outfits, and answer all your questions.

Enroll and thrive in a virtual world:

  • The way you look is your SECRET WEAPON!
  • You can stop hiding out in a virtual world

  • Become visible and be the confident woman you are meant to be

  • Have more presence and credibility on Zoom

  • Put the finishing touches on your appearance so you can thrive in a virtual world

Here’s what women say about my virtual style services:

“My virtual style consultation with Linda was a fabulous experience! Since growing out my silver-coloured hair and shedding some extra weight, I felt I really needed some guidance with making new clothing purchases. Now I know how to build a wardrobe, and all my new purchases blend so nicely together — this is a dream come true for me! Linda is a delight to work with.”
— Sandi McRae, Canada

“Linda’s virtual style guidance put the icing on the cake for me. I also enrolled in her “Style Success In Your Second Act” style course, and I refer back to the videos to make sure I’m looking for flattering necklines and shapes for my body and face. Linda is a joy to work with!” — Janet Hilts, California

How To Look Good On Zoom – Enroll Now To Begin Your Presence On Zoom!