From Drab To Fab: Discover Your Creative Style & Fall In Love With Your Body Again!

With Image Stylist, Linda Waldon

Linda invites you to go FROM DRAB TO FAB:
Discover your CREATIVE style & fall in love with your body again!

Join Linda for a FREE, LIVE, 1-Hour Style Webinar

Tuesday, August 1st, 10-11am Pacific, 1pm-2pm Eastern

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“From Drab to Fab: Discover Your Creative Style

& Fall In Love With Your Body Again!”

During This LIVE Training, Linda Waldon, Image Stylist and Founder of Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty Facebook Group, will guide you to:

  • Ignite the color inspiration that’s already in you
  • Find your style magic and body love through fresh eyes and see your body as a work of art
  • Create your style vision through playful transformation
  • Shop your closet and create outfits you love!


How to embrace your age with style and grace
And feel more confidence in 30 days or less!


Linda Waldon is a personal stylist, confidence coach, and educator specializing in helping women over fifty transition from pre-to-post menopause with style and grace. She enjoys being a badass style consultant who tells women the honest truth, a passionate teacher sharing all her best wardrobe tips and tricks, a writer who is just a blink away from writing the great novel, running her Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and pretending she has her own HGTV show. She loves bargain shopping and spending time with her friends and family, which includes her artist/sculptor husband, and two dogs, Kimbu and Rita.

“I’m passionate about taking the guesswork out of dressing confidently. Your job is to live your life in a full, satisfying, and meaningful way. My job is to make you self-assured, a stylish dresser, and self-confidently YOU!”