Week #1 Videos: Unleash Your Confidence And Inner Strengths

Welcome to Week #1! The following videos will teach you how to build confidence, overcome fear, and command greater presence. I will lead you through understanding your pain that holds you back, identifying your personality strengths, so you can walk into any room and OWN it!

I suggest you reserve 30-60 minutes to watch 1 or 2 videos per day. There are 4 videos to watch this week. Each video is between 15-20 minutes, but there are personal activity assignments for every video, so you’ll want to reserve ample personal time to focus on this and complete the activities. There is an exercise to complete after each video. It is well worth the time, attention, and self-reflection. You’ll see amazing results in only 30 days!

Save your questions for our weekly Onederland Beauties group call. The dates/times and call-in numbers are listed on your main workshop page.

To make the most out of this online program, I strongly urge you to become an active participant in the Onederland Style Private Facebook Page. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, questions, photos, and connect with other workshop participants. I’ll be there to answer all your questions, too!


Cynthia Miller

How to Play the Videos

These videos are playable right here on this page. To start the video, press the Play button Vimeo Play Button.

You can play the video in Full Screen by pressing Vimeo Full Screen Symbol and pressing Esc to return to this page.

Week 1 – Part 1 Confidence Video

Week 1 – Part 2 Confidence Video

Week 1 – Part 3 Confidence Video

Week 1 – Part 4 Confidence Video