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Let’s face it, as a woman over 50, you have years of experience, knowledge and  wisdom. But somehow, you may have lost your confidence along the way.

You feel like all of a sudden you’ve landed in a different body! One or two sizes bigger than you were, unsure about what to wear that will flatter – heck, you’ll settle for just a good fit!

Or you’re busy working, ready to step up to a more exciting career move, but you just don’t know how to freshen your look so you can compete with a young workforce.

The Style Club For Women Over Fifty will support you, inspire you, and teach to rediscover and revitalize your unique beauty inside and out.

Once you join, you’ll get access to premium content on the Style Club website  — recordings of Style Q&A calls, Monthly Seminar replays, Shop By Colors, Resource Team pages, Style tip videos, and so much more. You’ll also be invited to join the Style Club Facebook Group and the Style Club Wardrobe Exchange where you can buy, sell, and swap clothing with members.

“Why would you join this new community when you already have my Style Your Way To Success group to interact with? Well, I’m ramping up the education, personal interaction with me, and offering even more support and community in the Style Club. I will be working hard behind the scenes to provide the very best community experience for you!”
Linda Waldon
Image Stylist & Founder of Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty


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It's never too late to discover your body shape and the clothes that flatter you. You'll take this Body Shape Quiz and receive instant style guidance as your BONUS GIFT worth $32!

Wear your best colors. Save Money and Save Time buying the right colors that look good on you. Feel put-together every day!

Learn How To Walk Into ANY Room With Confidence and Grace

At the Style Club, we believe every woman over fifty deserves to  feel visible, beautiful, and vibrant! Our community is centered around a fun, festive, informative and supportive relationship-driven environment that inspires, focuses, teaches, and supports stylish-minded women.

Our philosophy is that women over fifty should look and feel gorgeous at any age – after all, style is a state of mind!!

Here's how it works:

The Style Club For Women will help you:

1 – Discover your best colors &
dress for your body shape through more personalized
guidance from Linda Waldon

2 – Get your zest for life and your
style mojo back!

3 – Feel more confident and
beautiful by knowing how to put
together outfits that bring out
your assets

4 – Find support and connection in
a fun, festive community of
women growing and learning

What Members Are Saying

“I'm still learning to be true to myself and a group like this, with women helping, teaching, inspiring each other is what every woman needs in every phase of life! You have what you describe in me. Others see and feel it too.:D Thank you so much for being here with us! ♥.”
Carolyn Myles
“I am really enjoying the Style Club -- so much great info and definitely gives me a great "style fix" for the day!”
Nancy Richard-Guilford
Nancy Richard Guilford
“Thank you, if not for Linda Waldon I would not have bought the dress. Getting your Color Sizzle back is so amazing.”
Devi Paolillo
Devi Paolillo
“I listened to Linda’s expert, honest and heartfelt advice, and cherished every idea and any suggestions she gave nothing else!! She is truly amazing!”
Golfo Grapsa Tsakumis Summer Outfit 2
Golfo Grapsa Tsakumis
“I am just wowed by the tremendous quality of the help you are providing us. Linda Waldon, you are one amazing, talented woman.”
Silver Beverley Woodworth
Beverley Woodworth
“I realized I do not love my body. In my mind I am always putting it down. I never realized how I do this to myself. Good news is I can do something about the extra weight. Thanks ladies for being part of my journey. Your honesty has made a difference. ”
Arlene Shields
“If one really gets on board with Linda's programs and her Style Club Group, it becomes easier to take mass produced clothing and make your outfit more individualized by knowing how to build a look that says “one of a kind.”
Bea Photo 2
Bea Rigsby Kunz

Get Inspiration and Support From Lisa Liguori

I am part of Linda’s original Style Resource Team offering all things clean #naturalbeauty, and the owner/founder of the personal brand Simple Beauty Minerals – Clean. Effective. Color Infused, Natural Beauty. Weekly video skincare and makeup tutorials …

Laugh, Cry, and Be Uplifted By Cynthia Miller

“Be free..feed your soul..don’t let how you feel about your body hold you back.”

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