Make Your Personal Brand SIZZLE

with a virtual style makeover

Enroll in this 4-week self-guided program, “Style Success In Your Second Act”
and put the POLISH back in your PERSONAL BRAND IMAGE:

  • You deserve a colorful, rich life!
  • Be the confident, successful woman you are meant to be.
  • Become visible and shift into high gear.
  • Your wardrobe may be tired. Find your inspiration and claim your new brand image!
  • Express your power and beauty from the inside out and attract new people and opportunities.


This 4-week course is delivered in 4 Easy To Follow Steps — One New Step Each Week. Each week you’ll watch Style Lesson Videos, complete the homework assignments, and post your selfies in a Private Facebook Group to get instant style advice and feedback from Linda.

You’ll learn your best colors, which styles flatter your shape, define your signature style brand, and you’ll sort through and organize your wardrobe.

Plus, you get 4 recorded group calls with Linda, an online personality assessment, a gorgeous color card package, AND membership in an exclusive private Facebook group just for women.

Know exactly what pitch-perfect colors make you look and feel radiant

Understand how to mix and match colors to create outfits

Learn what clothing shapes flatter your body type

Create balance and proportion with clothing

Express your personality with your signature style

Keep your closet organized forever

Use your clothes to express your personality, look younger and spice it up!

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER! Linda will create a personalized “Style Inspiration Video” that will enlighten and dazzle you with style ideas for your new brand image. Linda creates a style book of fashions with your head replacing the models’ heads — so you can actually envision yourself wearing these new clothes. Don’t miss this! Here’s what women say about Linda’s one-of-a-kind Style Inspiration Videos:

“OMG!!!!  you made me cry!!!  That was SO much fun!!!  I love it!  So cute.  Thank you!!!!!  Love those styles! – L. Stone, Shell Beach

Thank you for the style inspirations! It is official — I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Oh my!” — Catherine V.

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