Your COPPER Personal Blueprint


A Copper Woman’s True Colors are spicy, dynamic, saturated with energy and blazing with impact. Your tawny tones complement your equally tawny personality — you are a get-it-done woman! I describe your hard-working attitude as “READY — FIRE — AIM.” You simply are great with getting down to business!

Create a wardrobe of dynamic colors that support your earthy powers of bringing diverse fabrics and colors into a harmonious whole. Who else can mix fabrics and colors like a mustard yellow raw linen blouse, plum patterned velvet skirt, and brushed denim jacket, like they were a threesome at birth? Why not master your layering skills with a metallic bronze knit sheath dress with a light cream suede trench coat, and wrap a silk scarf in gorgeous peach around your neck? Or a crepe geometric patterned top in teal/brown/brick red, wear a tweed

Fill your spicy wardrobe with neutrals like olive green, red-brown, teal, warm beige and creamy white. Pops of color come from exotic deep periwinkle, plum, mustard yellow, apricot, burnt orange, and chartreuse.



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