Lindy Freed’s Custom Jewelry Designs

Lindy Fried has been crafting one of a kind jewelry for over two decades. Her designs, a creative meld of modern style paired with precious and semiprecious stones, combine to make truly compelling work.

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Phone: 402-968-8177

Copper, Silver And Gold Pendant Accented With Copper
Antique Silver Chain

Necklace $135
Earrings $45

Rice Stone Pendant With Dark Copper Accents,
Silver in Middle of Stone, Antique Brass Chain

Necklace $185
Earrings $45

One Necklace With Three Connected Pieces Layered For You!
Black Onyx, Silver, And Moonstone

Necklace $310

Larimar Pendant Accented With Silver And Antique Copper Chain

Necklace $175
Earrings $55

Custom Wedding Jewelry

Lindy will custom design the bride’s jewelry to complement her dress, custom design the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom pieces, and she designs custom bracelets for each of the bridesmaids as gifts from the bride! Check out her memorable and magical designs…

Antique Pieces With Inlayed Swarovski Crystal

Necklace $120
Earrings $45

Fresh Water Pearls And Swarovski Crystals
Chandelier Earrings

Necklace $140
Earrings $45

Gold Plated Pendant With Wire Wrapped Fresh Water Pearls Inside

Necklace $155
Earrings $45

Gold Plated Pendant With Wire Wrapped Swarovski Crystals Inside

Necklace $120
Earrings $48